Blackboard - Uploading to and embedding from Ensemble

What is Ensemble?

Ensemble is a video platform at SUNY Cortland that allows us to stream movies and video files. These files can be embedded directly into Blackboard.

**IMPORTANT: In order to comply with ADA standards, we strongly encourage supplying students with a transcript and closed captioning for ALL video files, even those without audio.

How to Get an Ensemble Account

Please send an email to, requesting an account. Please indicate what your purpose is and what kind of videos you plan on uploading. The account will typically be created within 2 business days.


How to Upload to Ensemble

Log in at

  • Your NetID (without and password will work.
  • Ensure the “Identity Provider” is on “Cortland Login” (Should be default)
  • Choose “Login”

ensemble log in.


Find and select the “Add” button

default media library.


Enter a title for the video (required), and add a description, keywords, and credits if desired. Click Continue to save and enter the next step.

description tab of video upload.

To Upload a new Video File

From Ensemble:

When the Manage Content menu opens, the Audio/Video sub-form is selected by default

  1. Select the desired media Workflow (if more than one are available).workflow options.
  2. Click Add File. Browse for the video file (or drag and drop to the upload area). Choose Start Upload Add file and Upload to server.
  3. The uploading status bar will advance as your content moves through the uploading process. Click Cancel Upload if you wish to cancel your upload once it has begun. The file must be completely uploaded before moving forward. upload status.
  4. Once your video file is listed in the Media table (see image below), the status of the video will be displayed. media attribues after upload
  5. If the video Duration and Dimensions are detected, those values will be added. If no values appear after processing, you can manually enter the correct values.
  6. Optional: Select a Bandwidth label.
  7. You may advance to the Publish form by clicking Continue, or browse to another area of the Ensemble interface, even if the video is processing.

continue icon.

On this screen, you can click “Publish” to start the upload to the Ensemble server.



From Blackboard:

If you want to publish right to Blackboard you can log into your course to upload and embed in one single attempt.

Log into the course you want to embed the video.

Navigate to the content area and choose Build Content and then Ensemble Video.

build content menu.

On the Select/Configure popup ensure that the Organization is Individual Faculty, and your name is listed in Library. Choose Upload.

configuring upload to blackboard.

The next steps are condensed from uploading directly to Ensemble.

Once you’ve logged into Blackboard and navigated to the area you want to put the video, point to Build Content > Ensemble Video.

  1. Select the workflow for the video from the dropdown.
  2. Name the video (required)
  3. Add File by browsing your computer for the video file.
  4. Start Upload. Select and wait for the video to upload.  The window will close when the video upload has completed.

steps to upload from Blackboard.

You may need to refresh your page to see the video has been uploaded.  You may then proceed with embedding the video into Blackboard.

How to Embed into Blackboard

After you've logged in to Blackboard, go to your course and go to the Content Area where you will be inserting content. Choose Build Content > Ensemble Video.

Choose Media:

You can scroll through your library and select a video by clicking the ‘+’ Icon. Find the video you would like to use, and press the green plus button under the thumbnail.

If you want to add a new video click Upload or, if you have a license for Ensemble Anthem webcam+screen recording software, you can click on the Record button. Once the new video is added, press the green plus button under the thumbnail.

 (You can also peruse the Memorial Library video collection from here by changing the Organization to Memorial Library).

choose video.

Here, you have two options on how you can insert the video.

  • Video Link: Thumbnail is clicked and opens in a new window, tracks individual viewers. Use this option when posting quizzes.*
  • Video Player: Video is directly embedded into the page, does not track individual viewers.

Choose which best suits your needs. When done, select Save. 

selecting how to embed to blackboard.

*Use Video Link for reporting/recording individual views.






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