WebEx - Pro Meeting

There are two types of meetings in WebEx, a Personal Room meeting or a standard scheduled Pro Meeting. Personal Room meetings are best for impromptu meetings, and for back-to-back meetings like office hours or advising appointments, while standard scheduled Pro Meetings are best for single or recurring meetings.

Each WebEx Meeting has a unique URL.


Schedule a Webex Pro Meeting


Schedule using installed Outlook:

  1. Open your Outlook calendar
  2. Select New Meeting
  3. Select the Webex Preferences button
    Webex Preferences button
  4. Select Webex meeting or Webex Personal Room meeting
    Cisco Webex Scheduler panel
  5. Click Add Webex meeting

If you know the type of meeting that is listed as the default meeting type

  1. Select Add Webex Meeting
    Add Webex Meeting button



Schedule using Outlook Webmail:

  1. Open your Outlook webmail calendar
  2. Choose New Event

New Event button

  1. Enter title, attendees and date and time for the meeting
  2. Select the ellipsis (…) on the right side of the menu bar at the top of the meeting window
  3. Then choose Cisco Webex Meetings Scheduler > Add Webex Meeting
    Cisco Webex Scheduler

This will add a Webex meeting link.

  1. Select Send

If you would prefer to add a Webex Personal Room meeting,

  1. Select Webex Preferences
  2. The Cisco Webex Meeting Scheduler will open, select Personal Room meeting from the Default meeting type dropdown
    default meeting type dropdown
  3. Click the Add Webex Meeting button at the bottom of the scheduler
    Add Webex Meeting button
  4. Select Send



Schedule using the Cisco Webex App

  1. Select the Schedule button on the Webex App

Cisco Webex meetings app

This will open the New Appointment window in your installed version of Outlook

  1. Select the Webex Preferences button
    Webex Preferences button
  2. Select Webex meeting or Webex Personal Room meeting
    Cisco Webex Scheduler
  3. Click Add Webex meeting

If you know the type of meeting that is listed as the default meeting type

  1. Select Add Webex Meeting
    Add Webex Meeting button

Because the Appointment window opens, there are not automatically lines for Required or Optional attendees.
To add the Required lines, select the Invite Attendees button:

 Invite Attendees button


Schedule using the Cisco Webex home page

Scheduling your meeting using the SUNY Cortland Webex homepage will afford you the greatest amount of options when scheduling your meeting/


  1. From the sunycortland.webex.com page and the Home tab of your Personal Room, click the Schedule button

schedule button


  1. In the meeting type field always use the default Pro Meetings setting. The Personal Conference setting is for audio-only meetings.


  1. A meeting password will be automatically generated, or you can create your own

password field

  1. Change the date and time of the meeting by selecting the down arrow to open the date and time pickers

date picker

  1. Choose a recurrence if there is any

recurrence field

  1. Add attendees. You can type in the email address of the invitee or, if they have a Cortland.edu email address, you can enter their name and then choose them from the list that is generated. Instead of entering each person individually you can invite people by sending them the meeting link. This is handy if there are too many attendees to invite individually. The meeting link can be copied and sent via email or Blackboard.

attendee field

The maximum number of participants in WebEx meeting is 1000


  1. Advanced Options

If you have created a WebEx Pro Meeting your advanced options will be:

Audio Connection type – You will have the options of WebEx audio, VOIP or no audio connection. The WebEx audio default selection is recommended.

audio connection field

You can display global call-in numbers and have the option to change the entry and exit tones

entry and exit tone

In the Agenda section you can add a meeting agenda or other notes about the meeting. The field is expandable so you can add a good deal of information:

agenda field



If you add text to this field, it will be shown on the Meetings tab of your WebEx account


  1. Scheduling Options

In the scheduling options section, there are options to automatically create co-hosts for a meeting, to start automatic recording of a meeting and to exclude the password from an email invitation (a security feature).

some scheduling options

The scheduling options section also has the  control for enabling Breakout Rooms when scheduling a meeting, choices for dealing with meeting guests, and the ability to automatically lock your meeting, either from the start or after a certain time.

some scheduling options

            Additionally there is the ability to require meeting registration

registration option


In the extended Meeting Options and Attendee Privileges sections, you can select options that you want participants to have when the meeting begins.

meeting options and attendee privileges sections


  1. Select Schedule

(If the meeting is quite soon the button will say ‘Start’)

schedule button

This meeting and all other scheduled meetings can be found at any time by selecting the Meetings tab on your Webex home page.