Webex - Attendance Report

The Webex Attendance Report will give you a report detailing attendees at a webex meeting as well as the times of their entry and exit. There are now two ways to access an attendance report in Webex.

Even if you are using the Webex integration with Blackboard you will need to access the Attendance Report from the Cortland webex homepage at sunycortland.webex.com for accurate meeting reporting.

The first way:

  1. Log in to your Webex account at sunycortland.webex.com
  2. Select the Meeting tab on the left side of the screen
  3. Choose the Completed tab
  4. Select the down arrow next to the dates to choose a specific date range

Webex Meeting tab

  1. From the list of meetings select the meeting you would like to see attendance for

Webex Meeting list

  1. Choose the Report tab for a list of attendees and their attendance time

Attendance report


The second way:

You will want to use this way if you would like to download the attendance report in Excel.

1. Log in to your Webex account at sunycortland.webex.com

2. Near the top right side of your screen select the down arrow next to your name and select My Reports from the menu.

My reports

3. Select the Usage Report hyperlink

usage report

4. Select the Date Range and a Sort Option

Usage Report parameters

5. Click on the title of the meeting you would like to look at. The meeting name will be the topic you assigned it when scheduling or the name of your Personal Room.

Usage Summary Report

6. The Session Detail Report will have a list of all the meeting attendees. For a detailed list, which includes the Enter/Exit times and the amount of time spent in the meeting, choose the Export Report button. This will export a detailed list to Excel. The file will be in .csv format which can be easily saved as an .xlsx file with the 'Save As' function. Please note that people may be listed more than once on the detailed Session Detail Report. Please note the times they have entered and exited the meeting.

Session Detail Report

Exported report:

Excel Session Detail Report




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