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The Personal Meeting Room is always available and is a space for you with a permanent URL and meeting information. The Personal Room is a great way to do one-on-one consultations, ad-hoc meetings, or virtual office hours.

Your personal URL can be found by going to the Webex web page at sunycortland.webex.com. The page will open to the Calendar tab.

Your Personal Room link will be found directly under the Calendar title. You can copy this web address and invite people via normal communication options.

Webex.com calendar page


Personal Room Settings

To change the settings for your personal room

  1. Select the Settings tab on the left side of your Webex homepage

Webex.com Settings tab

  1. Select the My Personal Room tab

My Personal Room tab

This will open the settings for your personal room

My Personal Room settings

  1. In the Personal Room name field, you can change the name of your room. It is not necessary to do this.

name field


  1. In the Personal Room Link field, you can change the link address. It is not necessary to do this.

address field

When you select the fields for either the name or the link you will see a pop-up with directions for the entries in each field.


  1. Next, select the box in the Automatic lock section to automatically lock your personal room. The number dropdown gives you options for how long after the meeting starts to lock the room. This setting means that after a certain time, anyone who tries to join your personal room will be sent to a virtual lobby and you will have to manually admit them to the meeting.

automatic lock field

  1. Next, enter a check mark in the Notifications box to be automatically notified if someone tries to reach you in your personal room. They will not be allowed to ‘enter’ your personal room if you have not started the meeting.

notifications field

  1. Choose the Save button at the bottom of the page to save any changes you have made to your personal room settings.

save button



Ad Hoc Meetings

You can either schedule time in your personal room or you can meet on an ad hoc basis.


  1. Click Start to enter your Personal Room from the web page or from the Webex desktop app

 Webex.com Start button

  1. Select the down arrow on the Start button to choose the desktop app ot the web app (browser). When you check one it will remain checked until you change it, so if you always join meetings from your desktop app, select the down arrow choose desktop app the first time and after that just click 'Start'

Webex meeting options

  1. Then you will go to the meeting site with your mic muted and your video off. By default the audio settings will open, you can make sure they are correct and then choose the down arrow next to Unmute to collapse the window.

Personal Room

  1. Select Start Meeting
  1. This is the meeting window:

  1. Click the mic and video buttons to turn on your mic and/or video

mute and video buttons 

Selecting the word on the button will mute/unmute or start/stop video.

Selecting the down arrow will open and allow you to change audio settings or camera settings

speaker settings

camera settings



Attendees will join the meeting by clicking on the link to your personal room that they received.


Schedule a Personal Room Meeting

You are several ways to schedule time in your personal room. Faculty may want to schedule Personal Room meetings in Blackboard, however, most staff may want to use Outlook or the Webex app to schedule Personal Room meetings.

Use the Cisco Webex app:

  1. Be sure you have downloaded the Webex Productivity tools. See the Webex Getting Started document for information.
  2. On the app choose the Schedule button

meeting app

  1. A meeting invitation will open. The title will be the name of your personal room

outlook meeting screen

  1. Change the date and time and invite any required attendees
  2. Select Send


Schedule using Outlook webmail:

  1. Open your Outlook webmail calendar
  2. Choose New Event

new event button

  1. Enter title, attendees and date and time for the meeting
  2. In the location field enter @webex

webmail meeting scheduler

  1. Select Send


Schedule using installed Outlook:

  1. Be sure you have downloaded the Webex Productivity Tools. See the Webex Getting Started document for information.
  2. Open your Outlook calendar
  3. From the Webex group select the down arrow and choose Schedule Personal Room Meeting from the dropdown menu.

schedule personal room 

  1. Change the date and time of the meeting as needed


  1. Double click the date and time of the meeting on your calendar
  2. Select the Add Personal Room button

 add personal room button

  1. The title of the meeting will be the name of your personal room, change it if needed
  2. Enter the names/email addresses of the meeting attendees
  3. Select Send



Joining a Scheduled Meeting - Host


Use the Cisco Webex home page:

  1. Open your Cisco Webex home page at sunycortland.webex.com
  2. The Home tab and the Meetings tab will have a list of all your upcoming meetings

webex home page

  1. Select Start next to the personal room meeting you would like to join.


If you have scheduled office hours, sequential meetings, or simply know the time of your meeting, you can choose the Start a Meeting button to open your personal room. The meeting attendees will join from their link.


Use the Cisco Webex app:

  1. Open the Cisco Webex Meetings app
  2. Choose the Start button next to the personal room meeting

webex app


Use Outlook - Webmail or installed:

  1. The meeting will appear on your calendar:


  1. Double click on it to open the meeting
  2. The meeting link will be in the body of the meeting:

scheduled meeting

  1. Select the Join button to join the meeting.



Joining a Scheduled Meeting – Attendee

Attendees can join from the links they are sent via email or via the start links on their Webex homepage If a participant tries to enter your personal room before you start the meeting, they will be held in a virtual ‘lobby’ until the meeting is started. They will receive a notification that they are waiting and can send you an email:

personal room

Your email:

lobby email


Locking your Personal Room

Locking your personal room prevents people from joining your personal room immediately, it sends them to a virtual lobby.

You can lock your personal room automatically by using the directions in the Personal Room Settings section of this document.

Once you enter your personal room you have to option to lock your room manually:

  1. Select the More Options button on the control bar at the bottom of your screen, then choose Lock Meeting. Or select the Meeting tab in the menu bar on the top left side of your screen and choose Lock Meeting.

lock meeting menus

  •  Anyone who tries to enter the room while it is locked will be sent to the virtual lobby to wait until you let them in.

admit notice

  • You can admit all the participants in the lobby by choosing Unlock Meeting from either of the above menus.
  • You can admit only certain participants by clicking on the Admit button next to their name to bring in those participants. The other participants will remain in the lobby.

admit notice

  •   You can remove single participants from your Personal Room by right clicking on the participant's name in the participants panel and then clicking Expel.

expel command

  • You can leave your personal room at any point by clicking on the Leave Meeting button in the control bar at the bottom of the Webex meeting room.

stop button


When you leave your Personal Room, the meeting will automatically end for all the participants.




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